Sunday, August 06, 2006

Culture Shock

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was describe those areas of academia that were particularly surprising to me for one reason or another. I've spent most of my professional life in industry, so I have a bit of an outsider's viewpoint of the academic world.

These posts will be meant primarily for those of you in the game industry who are curious about what it's like on the other side. Students may also gain an appreciation for what their professors go through (we really are normal people, just like you, honest).

Experienced professors will probably look at these and either find them blindingly obvious or hopelessly naive. That is, more or less, the point :-)

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zandperl said...

All established teachers know that your first year teaching full-time is hell. It's still stressful if you're only teaching one class though, so we know you're going to make mistakes. The students unfortunately, will not be so forgiving.

The thing that most surprised me was how the workload shifted in time from being a student to a faculty - namely, as a student you don't have any stress or work until around the second week of class. As a faculty member, you have to have the syllabus and descriptions of long-term projects ready for the first day of class, and it isn't until the second week of class that your class roster has settled down and you've gotten in to the swing of things and it gets a bit easier.

Similarly, students freak out before finals, and while the prof has to stress getting the final exam written, grading it afterwards is when the real stress comes in.