Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Culture Shock: Going Independent

Occasionally, a jaded game developer gets fed up with harsh industry practices and decides to strike out on their own, starting their own game company to make their own games. This usually involves moving to a cheaper apartment and eating ramen for awhile.

And occasionally, I'd imagine a jaded university researcher gets fed up with stuffy academic bureaucracy and decides to strike out on their own, doing research as a commercial venture. This also involves ramen, unless they manage to secure a grant first.

If a teacher decides they've had enough of the system, though, there's not much they can really do. Tutoring, maybe, but it's not really the same. I suppose it's because academic programs are accredited; you could start your own university, but it takes millions of dollars, and there's no easy way to do it "on the cheap" that I can tell.

Not that I'm looking to do any of this, mind you. It's just one of those differences I noticed the other day.

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Anonymous said...

Well...I'm a recent Masters graduate who has decided to continue pursuing my research interests solo...rather than take on a tutoring position and commencing a PhD at my previous Uni. I have to say if living on 2min noodles were the only challenge to my pursuits...well the decision wouldn't feel so much as though 'I'd bitten off my nose despite my face'...all independent pursuits are risks and involve a sacrifice of sorts...the biggest hurdle isn't monetary sacrifice/2min noodles...it's the self-doubt and lack of 'support' that I see as hurdles...and surely there is something in-between teaching and opening up your own university.