Monday, December 04, 2006

Fast Group Board/Card Games

One of my courses this Winter will focus on the rapid design of game concepts. While most of the games will be digital in nature, I think it's important to have at least some grounding in physical card and board games, as the boardgame industry has permanent ties to the video games (for several reasons).

One project I'd like to do will involve eurogames, and in particular I'd like to demonstrate a number of these games in class. Ideal games can be played with a large number of people (6+ "players", with the ability for several people to play as a single team), have simple rules that can be explained in a minute or two, have a total playing time of 15-30 minutes or less (although for games with multiple rounds, 15 minutes or less per round is acceptable), and can be played without specialized components (in case I don't actually own it in my collection and can't find a copy in time). Oh, and it should be fun, at least for the first few times.

So far I've come up with 6 Nimmt, Diamant, Circus Flohcati and Tutankhamen. If anyone has other suggestions, please post a comment here. Thanks!

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