Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Life Imitates Games

Within the space of one day, I have two student game concepts that are imitated by the real world.

One concept is an anime-inspired "bunny girl versus cat girl deathmatch" sort of game. This morning on the radio I hear about an endangered species of bunnies being attacked by feral cats.
Another student proposed a collection of carnival-midway-style minigames, sort of like the retro game Carnival only with more variety. Today I see an announcement about just such a game, to be released for the Wii.

The news was dated after the assignments turned in, so it's just a really odd coincidence. (Or, my students are just really good at predicting the future. Maybe I should ask them to consider a career in meteorology.)

Bonus coincidence: my Capstone class has been working on a game for the past 20 weeks with the theme of killing your avatar in the most entertaining way possible (as a reversal of the standard goal of saving/protecting your avatar). Then I find a game called Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)... thankfully, with very different mechanics.

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