Thursday, August 07, 2008

I have a feed

Several people have asked me in the past if I have some kind of newsfeed for this blog. I had no idea. It's kind of like when someone asks you for your phone number, and you can't remember because you never call yourself.

Brenda kindly pointed out to me that I do indeed have one, and it's here:

So, for anyone wondering how to subscribe, there you are.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I've been subscribing to your feed for a while now, but it definitely took some digging to find it.

Adding a link to the feed in the layout of your page would be really helpful. You can do it by going to the Layout tab of your blog and adding a Subscription Links Page Element. If you'd like some more info, feel free to email me at jason at grokplay dot com!

Unknown said...

Yeah - some of us have already been subscribing. I find your feed and Brenda's go hand-in-hand!

mech said...

:) i've been subscribed as well!

convenience at its finest.

Ian Schreiber said...

Great suggestion, Jason. (There wasn't a Layout tab, I had to muck about in the HTML of a template, but I think I figured it out.)

Glad that others found it. I found there were a surprising number of people that were subscribed, before I even knew it was possible to do so :)

mrflippy said...

Simply copying and pasting the base blog url ( should work well enough for many feed readers. (I did this with google reader) It looks like there are alternate link tags set up in the html code so readers can automatically figure things out.