Friday, September 29, 2006

Looking for more "Making Of..." videos

I've noticed a wonderful trend in AAA (big-budget) games lately: many of them include DVD-style bonus content as unlockables. This includes reference art, developer interviews, and other behind-the-scenes stuff that really gives some insight into the game development process.

These things are great for the classroom. All of the stuff I'm teaching about the theory of how games are made, is reinforced by live developers that made a really sweet game. Some of these developers are important enough that a student should know what they look like in case they meet them at GDC or something.

So far I've found three games in my personal collection with this kind of bonus content:
God of War
Sid Meier's Pirates! (Xbox version)
Guitar Hero

Unfortunately, in all three games, I actually had to play for a bit to unlock these things. But that's the kind of selfless sacrifice I'm willing to make for my students :-)

Have you encountered any other games lately that feature this kind of material? Please let me know!

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Duncan M said...

Jade Empire (Special Edition) for the Xbox had a "making of" behind the scenes type video. It was on the second disc. Can't remember all of what was in it. Might be helpful.

If you want to get older: One or two of the Myst re-releases had some making of stuff companioned with it.

If you want to go obscure: The one-off claymation game Neverhood had a great making of. But a lot of it was more about the claymation and production than about the game and technology.