Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Welcome, new visitors

I've met a lot of new people at GDC already. The two-day workshop on education was an absolute blast, and I enjoyed meeting so many people struggling with the same challenges that I did. This is exactly the spirit in which GDC itself was originally founded -- we're all isolated from each other, forced to reinvent each other's wheels, so let's just get together and share our knowledge so that we can all benefit.

If you're new:

Most of my posts are not time-sensitive, so feel free to browse the archives (and even comment on them). A logical place to start would be my original welcome message, followed by my series of posts on building a game design curriculum.

For those of you looking for the notes from today's talks, the notes from the undergraduate game design session is here (thanks, Beth). The notes from my five-minute case study aren't online in the Education SIG blog right now, but my final exam rules are posted here, and my after-the-fact comments on the final exam are here.

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