Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Origins 2008

It's that time of year again.

I'll be speaking twice:
  • Friday 6/27 @ 9am, room C215: "Game Design for Teachers" - basically a repeat of last year's presentation (I posted a two-part summary here and here). Last year I ran out of time, so I streamlined the content a bit for this year, concentrating on the theory more than the practical.
  • Saturday 6/28 @ 9am, room C215: "Advanced Game Design for Teachers" - new this year, includes the practical aspects (some case studies that I wouldn't have time to present in the other session) and a short workshop where we'll take some content from the attendees and find ways to present it to the class in a more game-like way.

I'll also be taking a lot of photos and meeting with some game publishers for the book, so I expect this year to be a bit different in that I'll be spending as much time doing work as I will be playing games.

This year will also be different in that I know some of my students will actually be there. (It helps when my students from this last year live in the same city, as opposed to 80 miles away.)

If anyone out there is in the area, feel free to find me and say hi. And if anyone out there happens to be a teacher in the area (this includes anything from homeschooling to K-12 to grad student TA to college professor), bring your credentials and you get in the door for free.

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